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Soma & Lil

Soma Allpass (cello, vocal) & Lil Lacy (cello, vocal) // www.somalil.com

Valby Vokalgruppe

Anja Jacobsen (vocal, perc, keys), Sonja LaBianca (vocal, keys, sax), Cæcilie Trier (vocal, keys) & Lil Lacy (vocal, keys) // www.egetvaerelse.dk


Frk Jacobsen

Frk. Jacobsen is a project by Anja Jacobsen.

In 2018 “Thin Dry Sticks” is a new full length album by Frk. Jacobsen, the solo project of Anja Jacobsen. The album follows the critically acclaimed EP “Lobsters ” from 2013. All About Jazz described Jacobsen on the EP “…as a highly original musician gifted with rich and often wild imagination and the ability to create beautiful, strange sounds over irresistible rhythms”.

“Thin Dry Sticks” explores a field of musical and emotional tensions - between earthbound realistic settings and cosmic abstractions, between ancient Greece and 2018 Copenhagen life as well as melodic pop notions and sonic experimentation. Like a playful journey through different times and situations, the album is an ode to the poetic and surreal moments that often mingle with everyday life or dreams, e.g. the song “Doublo”. Here a windy bike ride through Copenhagen is interupted by the incomprihensible experience of being two humans in one body.

The music composed by Anja Jacobsen (vocal, drums, keyboards) takes inspiration from pop all over the world as well as abstract forms of music and sound art. Throughout most of the album a band is playing, consisting of Lars Bech Pilgaard (guitar), Lil Lacy (keyboards, choir, cello) and Nicolai Kaas Claesson (bass, cello) - all contributing with personal flare and creative musicalities.

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Lil Lacy (vocal, cello, keys)

Travelling Tribes

Emil Jensen (vocal, guitar), Anders Filipsen (vocal, keys), Victor Dybbroe (perc, drums) & Lil Lacy (vocal, cello, keys)

Double Danish Music Award winner for their albums Everything Seems to Change (2013) and Artificial Moonlight (2015)
Travelling Tribes used inspiration from all around the world to make their music, unison singing, Chinese cello melodies, African drums, whistling choral parts, atmospheric keyboards and noise guitar. Travelling Tribes stopped as an active band in 2016.

"Everything Seems to Change er ikke bare en almindelig worldudgivelse. Her kombinerer de fire danske musikere i Travelling Tribes nemlig traditionel verdensmusik med moderne indie. Og det slipper de ganske godt fra." anmeldelse af Everything Seems to Change, Anne Nørkjær Bang, Undertoner

"Debuten var en plade af de sjældne. Nu kommer den svære toer, det vil sige: ikke så svær, når man råder over fire musikere med betydelig indre rigdom. Samt med den distance til tingene, der gør, at toner og idéer falder som strøtanker og samles til et hele." anmeldelse af Artificial Moonlights, Torben Holleufer, GAFFA

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Lars Bech Pilgaard (guitar, vocal, compositions), Rasmus Kjær (keys), Peter Skibsted (vocal, bass), Rune Lohse (vocal, drums), Anders Vestergaard (drums), Taus Bregnhøj (guitar) & Lil Lacy (vocal, cello) // Debut record Ånder (2015) // Facebook link