B Å N D M A G A S I G N E T n o 2 ( 2 0 1 8 )

Båndmagasinet er et kassettebåndsmagasin for lydoptagelser og små lydværker, der eksisterer i mindre traditionelle medier eller formater, og som derfor ikke nødvendigvis kan finde hjemme i andre musikalske distributionsformer. Magasinet er kurateret af Asger Kudahl, William Kudahl og Jan Stricker.

Båndmagasinet is a tape-magazine for sound recordings and experiments that exist in less traditional medias or formats and that therefor could be a challenge to find relevant forms of musical distribution. Båndmagasinet is made by the label Resonans in a collaboration with AUT (Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere) and premiered on the radio station: The Lake Radio. The tape-magazine is curated by Asger Kudahl, William Kudahl and Jan Høgh Stricker.


L A N D E T / R U M M E T   ( 2 0 1 6 )

Soma Allpass (cello, vokal og percussion)

Lil Lacy (cello, vokal og percussion)

Frk Jacobsen plade cover.jpg

T H I N D R Y S T I C K S ( 2 0 1 8 )

Thin Dry Sticks” is a new full length album by Frk. Jacobsen, the solo project of Anja Jacobsen. The album follows the critically acclaimed EP “Lobsters” from 2013. All About Jazz described Jacobsen on the EP “…as a highly original musician gifted with rich and often wild imagination and the ability to create beautiful, strange sounds over irresistible rhythms”.

“Thin Dry Sticks” explores a field of musical and emotional tensions - between earthbound realistic settings and cosmic abstractions, between ancient Greece and 2018 Copenhagen life as well as melodic pop notions and sonic experimentation. Like a playful journey through different times and situations, the album is an ode to the poetic and surreal moments that often mingle with everyday life or dreams, e.g. the song “Doublo”. Here a windy bike ride through Copenhagen is interupted by the incomprihensible experience of being two humans in one body.

The music composed by Anja Jacobsen (vocal, drums, keyboards) takes inspiration from pop all over the world as well as abstract forms of music and sound art. For example the track “Stormen” (The Storm) introduces pop produced vocals floating on a roaring sea of free improvisation and noise. Throughout most of the album a band is playing, consisting of Lars Bech Pilgaard (guitar), Lil Lacy (keyboards, choir, cello) and Nicolai Kaas Claesson (bass, cello) - all contributing with personal flare and creative musicalities.

Å N D E R   ( 2 0 1 5 )

Lars Bech Pilgaard (guitar, vokal, kompositioner)

Rasmus Kjær (keyboards)

Peter Skibsted (vokal, bas)

Rune Lohse (vokal, trommer)

Anders Vestergaard (trommer)

Taus Bregnhøj (guitar)

Lil Lacy (vokal, cello)



A R T I F I C I A L   M O O N L I G H T S   ( 2 0 1 4 )

Emil Jensen (vokal, guitar, gamelan m.m.)

Anders Filipsen (vokal, keybards, gamelan m.m.)

Victor Dybbroe (perkussion, trommer, gamelan m.m.)

Lil Lacy (vokal, cello, keyboards, gamelan m.m.)


T H E O R I G I N A L S O U N D T R A C K   F O R :

D E N   E U R O P Æ I S K E   S P E J L B U E  

-   T H E   M O V I E   ( 2 0 1 5 )

Made by Luke Bennet & Anders Lauge Meldgaard

Composed and arranged by Anders Lauge Meldgaard

Anders Lauge Meldgaard (vocal, synth, sampler, guitar, percussion, game of life and more.)

Svend Rump (bassoon)

Bjarke Valentin (trombone)

Kirsten Pind (flute)

Nils Grøndahl (violin)

Kristian Tangvik (tuba)

Mette Termansen (oboe)

Mads Forsby (percussion)

Marie Eline Hansen (vocal)

Anja Jacobsen (vocal)

Lil Lacy (vocal)

Awinbeh Ayagiba (vocal)

Kasper Them Larsen (vocal)

Christian Davidsen (vocal)

E V E R Y T H I N G   S E E M S   T O   C H A N G E   ( 2 0 1 2 )

Emil Jensen (vokal, guitar, trompet)

Anders Filipsen (vokal, keybards)

Victor Dybbroe (perkussion, trommer)

Lil Lacy (vokal, cello, keyboards)

tryk på foto for link til plade

tryk på foto for link til plade

B A H   N E W   E R A   ( 2 0 1 2 )

af Valby Vokalgruppe

Anja Jacobsen (vokal, keyboards, perkussion)

Cæcilie Trier (vokal, keyboards)

Sonja LaBianca (vokal, keyboards, sax)

Lil Lacy (vokal, keyboards)