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Cycle exploring plants (2018 and on)

Working on solo and duo pieces for different instruments, more to come.

Pieces in the series are until now:

Mycelium Movement, 2018 // 12’ // solo piano

Plant Blindness, 2018 // 10’ // trombone, guitar, piano, percussion

Folium Movement (leaf), 2019 // 14’ // solo clarinet

Pieces in the making:

plant native, 2019 // violin, cello, piano

relation / manipulation / mutation, 2020 // solo violin

Thank you for the support to the Danish Composers’ Society

Thank you for the support to the Danish Composers’ Society


DSC01159 Lav opløsning.jpg

pneumaticks (2017)

55 minutes audiovisual live performance and installation, 2017

Composition by Signe Lykke & Lil Lacy

Film by Ulrik Heltoft & Ann Sophie von Bülow

Katinka Fogh Vindelev - soprano
Laura Mayer - alto
Simon Rønne Rischel - baritone
Morten Lohmann Sønderskov Jensen - bass clarinet
Soma Allpass - cello
Lil Lacy - cello

Sound by Bjørn Gjessing

Live performance 2017
CLICK-festival, Helsingør / May 13th and 22nd
Maltfabrikken, Ebeltoft / June 29th
Musikhuset, Århus / October 29th

Installation 2017
Maltfabrikken, Ebeltoft / June - August


agua seco (2017)

Composition and film by Lil Lacy 2017

Exploring wet and dry sounds inspired by the human change of climate.

Written for Faces Ensemble.
Recorded at PULSAR festival in LiteraturHaus 2017.
Composition, salt installation and film by Lil Lacy 2017

Didde Kildahl Nico Nielsen - flute
Anja Nedremo - saxophone
Patricia Martín González - clarinet
Thomas Skovlund Hansen - trombone
Mads Mortensen - percussion
Diana Bojanic - piano
Toke Hansenius - violin
Malthe V. Højager - cello
Mathias Skaarup - conductor

Thin air (2016)

Composition and film by Lil Lacy 2016

Jakob Rosendahl Poulsen - violin 1
Daniel Tølbøll Mortensen - violin 2
Eva Paulin - viola
Benedikte Borum Poulsen - cello