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Excerpts from PNEUMATICKS live performance and premiere at CLICK Festival May 21st, 2017 Helsingør, Denmark. Video documentation: Henrik Edelbo

PNEUMATICKS is a composition of music and film, about the phenomena of respiration - the opening between the inside and the outside

PNEUMATICKS is developed in close collaboration between the visual artists and composers.

Visual artists: Ann Sophie von Bülow and Ulrik Heltoft

Composers: Lil Lacy and Signe Lykke

Musicians: Katinka Fogh Vindelev (soprano), Laura Mayer (alto), Simon Rønne Rischel (baritone), Morten Lohmann Sønderskov Jensen (bass clarinet), Soma Allpass (cello) and Lil Lacy (cello)

Sound technician: Bjørn Gjessing


17.08 Liéux Maltfabrikken.png

Liéux I is the first in a series of works by Frederik Sakham. Lieux is french for places, but by adding an ´ over the e the word lié, meaning linked, is in there as well. Linked to places, Frederik, with his double bass in hand, is exploring and interplaying with the acoustics and the already existing sounds on specific locations. Time and space is hereby promoted to main actors alongside the musician. The recordings were made in early spring 2015 in a church, a bunker and a living room respectively - all located near the little village Birkelse in Northern Jutland. Due to the different materials (stone, concrete and wood) and sizes of the rooms, they each contributed with distinct sonic characteristics to the music.

Liéux II is in the making music by Frederik Sakham (double bass), Anna Jalving (violin and vocal) and Lil Lacy (cello and vocal).

Liéux collaborates with Anders Ørbæk from Lydhør Garage and AUT (Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere).

duo cyving

Anna Jalving (vocal, violin) & Lil Lacy (vocal, cello)

Acoustic experiments exploring architecture in public indoor and outdoor places. Klang i klang, ekko på ekko.

                                                                                                                  Photos: Randi Schmidt

                                                                                                                  Photos: Randi Schmidt


Soma & Lil + Haruhiko Okabe

Collaboration with Hichiriki and saxophone player Haruhiko Okabe about Gagaku music. Ongoing collaboration working on a coming record in 2018 a.o.

17.07 Soma & Lil & Haruhiko tegning.jpg
Gagaku noder.jpg

exhibitions and concerts at gl. holtegaard

During Ulrik Heltoft's solo exhibition 7 FILM, ET FOTO OG EN NÆSE AF SØLV at Gl. Holtegaard April - July 2016

Soma & Lil curated a concert program that explored the string instruments in abstract parallel to Heltoft's working methods.

#1 Solo concert with Harriet Wheeler (violin) playing solo pieces from ancient times up to now

#2 Collective cello concert: Josefine Opsahl, Cæcilie Trier, Soma Allpass and Lil Lacy exploring the sound of cello through the gallery

#3 Solo concert with Andi Otto (cello) presenting his special Fello system

#4 Concert in movement with dancer Merete Smedegaard and Soma & Lil focussing on improvisation in between different genres of artistic expression

                                                                                                                                              Photo: Peter Gannushkin

                                                                                                                                              Photo: Peter Gannushkin

The Lake Radio came and made 3 podcasts about the collaboration between artist Ulrik Heltoft and Soma & Lil at Gl. Holtegaard April - July 2016:

#1 about 4 cellists + 1 artist // #2 about 1 fellist, Andi Otto // #3 about 2 cellists + 1 dancer


Projekt respiration

PROJEKT RESPIRATION is a music and theater platform for production of performances, concerts, talks and research in relation to exploring respiration.

PROJEKT RESPIRATION has been involved in 3 productions of performances, dance, new music and film that explore respiration since 2014:


SUK 2016


Furthermore PROJEKT RESPIRATION has held workshops gathering researchers and professionals from different areas such as among others medicine, phycology, singing, neuroscience and physical training, to explore the differences and equalities in between the use and understanding of respiration across our society.