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Oct. 12th / 20:00 CET
Oct. 13th / 14:00 CET

The first program out of three, about the collaboration between artist Ulrik Heltoft and Soma & Lil at Gl. Holtegaard, will be broadcast including bits and parts from the concerts.

The trilogy is:

#1 // 4 Cellist + 1 Artist: Josefine Opsahl, Cæcilie Trier, Soma Allpass, Lil Lacy and Ulrik Heltoft

#2 // 1 Fellist: Andy Otto

#3 // 2 Cellist + 1 dancer: Soma Allpass, Lil Lacy and Merete Smedegaard

Follow this link to hear them whenever you'd like: